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KonnectMD Virtual Healthcare doctor conducts a telemedicine visit with a customer without any fees.

24/7 Virtual Access to Providers Without Visit Fees

Wave goodbye to waiting rooms, visit fees, claims & prescription costs for common healthcare needs.

KonnectMD member meets with medical provider from their iPhone.

Healthcare that's Easy, Accessible & Affordable!

At KonnectMD, we offer virtual care services that are available to individuals and organizations at any time and from any location. Our coverage for common illnesses and injuries helps save money by eliminating copays and insurance claims from in-person and standard telehealth appointments. In addition, we provide access to behavioral health services and top generic medications at zero cost.



Removing Barriers to Healthcare Access for Everyone

High medical costs cause many Americans to avoid seeking care, but telemedicine offers an affordable alternative. However, even standard telemedicine can be costly for the uninsured, leading some to turn to emergency rooms and incur significant medical debt. KonnectMD offers unlimited access for an average of $1 per day, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services without financial strain.

Alexa Young, CA

“I requested a visit for having sore throat and a doctor called within 30 minutes! He was very helpful and sent my prescriptions over quickly. The visit or prescription didn't cost me a dime, outside of my monthly subscription."

Leading A Revolution, With YOU In Mind

KonnectMD virtual services treat nearly 85% of common conditions in the ER and Doctor's Office, resulting in fewer in-person visits and more money saved.

Hospital Admissions Decreased
Copays & Claim Costs Saved
Doctor Office Visits Reduced
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