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The Story of How It Began

Waiting Room

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

In 2019, KonnectMD's founder Jason had a frustrating experience while waiting for nearly 3 hours at an urgent care facility to see a healthcare provider. Along with others in the waiting room, he expressed impatience and frustration over the long wait times and costly fees. This experience sparked the idea for a service that would make non-emergency medical care faster and more affordable. Today, KonnectMD has made this idea a reality, allowing everyone to access medical providers without the need for in-person visits, copays, deductibles, or visit fees.

Meet Our Owners

Jason Padgett, Founder & CEO

Jason is an accomplished actor and producer who chased his Hollywood dreams for over a decade. After a prosperous 14-year stint in Hollywood, he discovered his true passion in life. In 2007, he established Orthos Medical Supply, fueled by his enthusiasm for healthcare advancements. Recently, in 2019, he embarked on a new venture by launching KonnectMD, furthering his goal of creating a positive influence in the healthcare field.

Jason Padgett, Founder & CEO of KonnectMD Virtual Healthcare
Corey Lockett, Partner & President of KonnectMD Virtual Healthcare

Corey Lockett, Partner & President

Corey is a business strategist and investor who discovered his passion for innovation during his business studies. With a dedication to finding groundbreaking initiatives, Corey achieved a major milestone in 2017 with the acquisition of GC Company. He then invested in KonnectMD and now serves as the company's President, fully committed to unlocking its full potential. Corey is devoted to spearheading a healthcare revolution that will significantly transform the industry's landscape.

Meet Our Executive Team


Kirstin Stephens

VP of Finance

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Lori Kai Peterson

VP of Enterprise Sales & Development 

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Chelsea Gwinn

VP of Operations

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The Netflix of Healthcare

Our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by simplifying the process of accessing quality care. We firmly believe that convenience and affordability should never hinder anyone from receiving the care they need. Through our virtual care services, we strive to improve the lives of our members and promote better health outcomes.

Our Mission

Making A Difference On Purpose

KonnectMD virtual services treat nearly 85% of common conditions in the ER and Doctor's Office, resulting in fewer in-person visits and more money saved.

Hospital Admissions Decreased
Copays & Claim Costs Saved
Doctor Office Visits Reduced
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