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Meet Our Owners

Jason Padgett, Founder & CEO

Meet Jason, a renowned actor and producer hailing from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He enjoyed a successful 14-year career in Hollywood before realizing his true calling in life. In 2007, he founded Orthos Medical Supply, driven by his passion for healthcare innovation. In 2019, he launched KonnectMD, continuing his mission to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.

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Corey Lockett, Partner & President

Meet Corey, a renowned business strategist and venture capitalist from Macon, Mississippi. In 2017, he acquired GC Company and eventually sold it in 2020 to join forces with Jason in leading KonnectMD. As the President of KonnectMD, Corey is committed to unlocking the company's full potential while ensuring that their services remain affordable and easy to use for everyone.

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Driven By Our
Core Mission

We believe convenience and affordability should never be barriers to getting quality healthcare. So we aim to improve patients' lives with virtual care services that lead to better health outcomes.

Trusted by many employers, individuals & associations to provide efficient and effective healthcare services— all while keeping costs down and helping our clients save time and money.  

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Trusted by the best.

By The Numbers

KonnectMD virtual services treat nearly 85% of common conditions in the ER and Doctor's Office, resulting in fewer in-person visits and more money saved.

Hospital Admissions Decreased
Copays & Claim Costs Saved
Doctor Office Visits Reduced
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