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Best-in-Class Services with $0 Visit Fees. 

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Virtual Urgent Care

Access our nationwide network of U.S. Licensed Physicians available 24/7/365 to treat, provide advice, recommendations, and even diagnose common acute illnesses.


Virtual Behavioral Health

Access our nationwide network of U.S. Licensed Therapists available to assist you wherever and whenever you need it. 


Virtual Primary Care

Select a Primary Care Physician to manage routine and ongoing health conditions, medication adherence, and preventative care.


Virtual Dermatology

Schedule a consult, provide a description, and upload images of your condition. A licensed dermatologist will review your photos, make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan.

Take Advantage of the "Virtual First" Approach

Our commitment to delivering CARE that revolves around consumers and businesses is unwavering. We take pride in our nationwide network of dedicated providers and advanced technology, which enables us to assist our members in achieving optimal well-being at every stage of their healthcare journey.

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