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Available for Anyone, Anywhere, at Any Time. 

Healthcare that's Easy, Accessible & Affordable. 

Member Benefits

Unlike traditional healthcare plans, KonnectMD does not require a social security number; therefore, your visits will not be tracked. In addition, we do not file claims, so your price will not increase due to utilization. We partner with the top brands in healthcare to guarantee quality service, support, and savings for our members.

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No Cost Lab & Exam

No-cost Wellness Exam & Comprehensive Metabolic Panel for 2 adults. Discounts on additional labs are available through our partners.

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No Cost Medications

Members get 95% of the most prescribed Acute (Immediate Need) & Chronic (Maintenance) Medications for ZERO COST!

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No Cost Diabetic Supplies

No-cost Prodigy Diabetic Glucose Test Meter, Test Strips, and Lancets.

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Family Access

Members can add up to 7 family members to their plan for no extra cost.

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Work/Life Services

Access to attorneys for legal advice, financial counselors, child/elder care consultants for resources, will preparation, & identity theft protection.

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Healthcare Advocacy

 Personalized service that helps and supports members in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system.

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Message a Doc

Ask any medical question to our expert team of physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians & fitness trainers, etc. 


Hospital Bill Eraser

Low to middle-income members have access to outpatient care at a discount & can get help reducing or removing debt.

Virtual Healthcare in Your Hands

With or without a traditional healthcare plan, you can now access our healthcare services for 5x less than paying out of pocket while avoiding waiting rooms, hidden costs, and contracts. 


Virtual Urgent Care
($0 Visit Fee)

Available 24/7, our providers can help get you on track and order prescriptions.


Virtual Counseling
($0 Visit Fee)

Available 24/7, our counselors are there when dealing with life's struggles.

Virtual Dermatology
($0 Visit Fee) 

When skin issues become nagging, our dermatologists are there.

Explore Our Monthly Plans

Healthcare is one of life's most essential needs, and the future is impossible to predict. No worries: KonnectMD will be there when the unexpected happens. 

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Cancel Anytime

Simple monthly subscription

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Guaranteed Savings

No back billing or premiums

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No Insurance Required

Same care. Same Price

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Family Access

Add up to 7 family members