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Putting Healthcare Back In YOUR Hands

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No Waiting Rooms, Copays or Deductibles

"The Netflix of Healthcare."

Members select a plan and pay an affordable monthly fee to enjoy round-the-clock access to providers from their smartphones, computer, or tablet whenever needed. Each plan provides family access, no extra fees for visits, and the membership can be canceled at any time. 

Providing CARE You & Your Family Will Love

Virtual Urgent Care

  • $0 cost consults (No Caps)

  • Member + Family Members

  • Available 24/7 to diagnose illnesses and order prescriptions.

  • Ideal for common conditions, including COVID-19, strep throat, flu, urinary tract, vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, and so much more.

  • The average wait time is 16 minutes. The maximum wait time is 2 hours.

    How it Works:

  • Members can call the 24/7 phone line or click in the member portal to request/schedule a consultation.

  • A provider will call the members directly, or the member can join on video from the website. 

  • Access the Treatment Plan (Member can see the diagnoses, prescriptions, and doctors’ notes as directed)

Virtual Counseling

  • $0 cost sessions (No Caps)

  • Member + Family Members

  • 24/7 access for stress, anxiety, depression, sudden loss, or other mental health needs.

  • Private & On Demand

  • Speak with a licensed therapist from anywhere.

How it works:

  • Members can call our dedicated number to speak with a licensed therapist for immediate-need help or schedule a session.

  • Once the first session is finished, the member can continue sessions with the same therapist at $0 cost.

Virtual Primary Care

Select a Primary Care Physician to manage routine and ongoing health conditions, medication adherence, and preventative care.

Virtual Dermatology 

Schedule a consult, provide a description, and upload images of your condition. A licensed dermatologist will review your photos, make a diagnosis and provide a treatment plan.

Member Prescription Services 


  • All members access FREE Acute-Immediate Need Meds (must be on formulary or else subject to discount)


  • Platinum Members access Chronic-Maintenance Needs Meds for only $5. (must be on formulary or else subject to discount)

View our Prescription Formulary

Avoid Creating Debt For The Basic Needs of Healthcare

75% of primary care offices close at 6 pm, leading individuals to the ER for illnesses that will be cured with a prescription. 66% of ER visits are considered non-emergency, typically resulting in a $2200 medical debt. Our approach breaks this cycle by offering 24/7 access to providers for non-emergency needs that will be cured with a prescription. 

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