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Proud Partner of Changing the Narrative

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Unlimited Care With No Waiting Rooms or Visit Fees

Rachel is a proud member of KonnectMD and strongly advocates for positive mental health. By partnering with Rachel, you can have 24/7 access to healthcare providers through any device whenever you need it. The plan has a flat fee with no additional costs for appointments, and you have the option to cancel your membership at any time.

Get 24/7 Access To The Care You Desire

40% of people think there's not enough support around mental health. Our approach breaks this cycle by offering 24/7 access to providers without extra fees. 

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Member #: 814103

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Member #: 814103

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Member #: 814103

Partner With Me & KonnectMD

With our easy-to-use software, sales tracking technology, and remote agency infrastructure, becoming an agent has never been easier. There are no expensive licenses or study hours required - all you need is the desire to succeed! Join us today and start selling the healthcare industry's most innovative service. 

Member #: 814103

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