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The "Virtual First" Approach

Experience easier access to healthcare while saving time and money. 

-75% of clinics are closed after 6 pm.

-The average ER wait time is 4 hours.

-Nearly 70% of ER visits are non-emergency.

Studies show that virtual healthcare is the quickest, safest, and most effective way to treat common illnesses since 85% of doctor and ER visits are treated with a prescription. 

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Behavioral Health

Available 24/7, our therapists are there when dealing with life's struggles.


When skin issues become nagging, our dermatologists are there.

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Primary Care

Select your preferred provider, build a relationship, and get personalized care.

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Urgent Care

Available 24/7, our providers can help get you on track and order prescriptions.

Veterinary Care

Ask questions, get a second opinion and recommendations, and discuss behavioral issues, training, or wellness.


In addition, members get access to the most used prescriptions for ZERO EXTRA COST. 

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