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Business Meeting



1. Setup your KonnectMD Dashboard. 

This is where your unique referral link will be. Copy it and share it to capture individual clicks and sales. You can track your personal commissions and share your link to add affiliate partners for revenue sharing.  


2. You will receive a company email address. 

Login here: Microsoft Office Login

The login will be your first initial and your last / Password: konnectmd

3. Join our "KonnectU" Community.

KonnectU is a private community, via Telegram, where Account Executives can connect with others to ask questions, share ideas, exchange information and learn sales tips. This community will also help Account Executives stay up to date with Corporate Events, Trainings, Marketing Tools and Recognitions 

4. Setup your KonnectMD Business Card using our template.

  1. Click the link below

  2. Either sign in to Canva or create an account

  3. Add your name, mobile number and corporate email address

  4. Save your card as a PDF and get it printed.


*If you wish, create a QR code that links to your unique enrollment link and add it to the back of your business card.

(*We do not have any instructions for this step.)


Join us every Monday @7pm CT on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 662 251 5260

Passcode: 1Kriz3



Order Polo Shirts or T-Shirts by clicking the link below!

(6) Page Brochure- Read this overview to learn who to target, get tips for cold calling, learn our expectations and fully understand the compensation plan.

This is the Official KonnectMD presentation. If you're comfortable, use as needed! Please do not alter, without permission.

*This is not for training! Schedule a meeting to have our President of Sales administrate a Powerpoint Demo with your potential customer, business or broker.

Submit an application for a Business Account. Once the application is submitted an administrator will work to get the account processed within 24 hours.

 This email template is used after contact is made with an employer. Copy & Paste in the email body. Make it your own & Attach marketing tools, for their reference.

(6) Page brochure- This brochure explains the convenience of telehealth, explains our telehealth solutions, FAQs and has a plan and pricing page. 

(1) Page- The perfect tool to use in any situation. Choose it for a quick presentation or leave it with an employer as a way to follow up. 

This PDF shows the list of the top prescriptions in telehealth, which are Zero Cost with KonnectMDRX. Each medication is listed under the illness it treats.

This is a proposal for B2B Accounts. It simply explains our services and explains the steps of how the business can get enrolled.

For Businesses that don't want to deduct from payroll. This is a proposal for partners. It simply explains our services and explains the steps to partnering with us.