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Opt-In To Your Employer Paid Benefit!

This plan is covered 100% by your employer, so you won’t have to worry about the cost.  Enroll now to access primary healthcare services anytime, anywhere - with or without insurance. We value your membership and look forward to helping you maximize this benefit.

How Does It Work Once You're Enrolled?

Our member dashboard is designed to provide you simple access to health and wellness resources, accessible from any device. What’s great about our services is that they can be utilized with or without traditional health insurance, without worrying about contracts, claims, or deductibles.

Experience Easier Access to Healthcare

We've removed the waiting rooms, and the extra costs to provide a convenience that guarantees to exceed your expectations.

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24/7 Virtual Care

It’s like having a personal healthcare provider in your pocket, ready to provide consultations and prescribe medications anytime, anywhere.


Family Access

They say, "When it rains, it pours", No worries! KonnectMD can assist you and up to seven others as part of your plan coverage.

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Save on Medications

No one should have to pay high prices for medications. KonnectMD Rx offers a solution to save up to 80% on these expenses.

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