Group Supplemental Healthcare Membership:
Easy, Accessible & Affordable. 

We know you're tasked with connecting the right users with suitable benefits packages: That's why we've created an easy-to-implement healthcare solution. Our simple-to-use platform gives you instant access to a nationwide network of physicians to deliver compassionate care 24/7.

A Membership That Matters

For only $49.99 per month/user, KonnectMD offer businesses the most common and frequently used services and products in healthcare. We help businesses save thousands by avoiding claims for everyday care needs & prescription costs. As a result, we help increase satisfaction, improve health outcomes & lower overall costs. 

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24/7 Provider Access

Zero Cost & Zero Claims for Virtual Urgent Care & Virtual Behavioral Health Visits.

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No Cost Medications

Zero Costs for the most prescribed Acute (Immediate Need) & Chronic (Maintenance) Medications.

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No Cost Diabetic Supplies

Prodigy brand Diabetic Glucose Test Meter, Test Strips, and Lancets for Zero Cost.

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Family Access

Users can add up to 7 family members to their plan for Zero Cost.

Users get fast access to our all-in-one, easy-to-use system.


Why Should You Get Started?

The rising cost of health insurance coverage is as much of a battle as attracting and retaining great talent or giving value to worthy members. KonnectMD adds value by helping businesses increase satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and lower overall costs. 



Our plans cost 10x less than the lowest-cost health plan on the market.

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Help your team take care of their most important asset - their health.

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High performers are less likely to look for a new job when health benefits are provided.

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Tax Deductible

KonnectMD is considered an expense and could be tax-deductible.

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1099 Compliant

KonnectMD is not insurance, you can provide us for contractors and part-timers.

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Stand out amongst your competitors by providing essential benefits.

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Our plans are great as a standalone benefit or as a supplement with a health plan.

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Owner Friendly

Our dedicated account manager ensures easy administration.