Let's Work Together!

KonnectMD works with employers, non-profits, brokers, affiliates, member associations and other organizations to bring quality healthcare to more Americans every day.

The Silver Bullet

The rising cost of health insurance coverage is as much of a battle as attracting and retaining great talent or giving value to worthy members. For a low monthly fee, KonnectMD provides access to virtual healthcare with no visit fees, deductibles and contracts. We also provide easy administration. By doing this, we help businesses add value, increase satisfaction, improve health outcomes and lower overall cost. 


We know you're tasked with connecting the right users with the right benefits packages: That's why KonnectMD is a completely contained, easy-to-implement, competitive telehealth & RX solution.


Unlike other solutions, we offer groups the same longstanding advantages of in-person care – virtually. Happier users lead to a better bottom line. Everyone wins!


In a world of exponentially increasing healthcare costs, we provide the best value without sacrificing quality across the care delivery spectrum, from the patient experience to program administration.


Our services are provided by Walmart Health Virtual Care and their providers has an average of 17+ years of experience, credentialed, certified and highly trained – plus they love what they do. 

Offer a better way to feel better

KonnectMD provides access to comprehensive and customizable telehealth & RX solutions that both you and your userss will love.